Posted: 11/03/2019

Working on solutions for mental health condition is a sign of strength

Mental health is how we think, feel and behave. Just like physical health, mental health is important to every stage of life and is essential to overall health. Working on solution is a sign of strength.

If you are wondering you have symptoms a specific mental heath condition , you can complete a brief screening tool and get instant feedback. These tools are confidential nd anonymous none of the results are stored on your account or sent anywhere.

The fact that you have some symptoms doesn't necessarily mean that you have a mental health condition, or that the condition is causing you difficulties in your daily life. If you are concerned about your screening results, seek further evaluation from your health care team. If you are concerned about any illness, regardless of what the screen shows, you should seek further evaluation from your health care provider.

Screenings are NOT intended to provide a complete assessment or diagnosis for any condition. They CAN help identify symptoms and assist you in determining if you should seek further evaluation by your physician of a mental health professional.

PTSD screening: The screening tool found at lists questions identify programs and complaints that veteran sometimes have in response to stressful military experiences.

Depression screening: Questions are a screening focusing on symptoms of depression can be found at

Substance abuse screening:

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