Find Your Worth

Help Your Dog Days.

When life feels pretty ugh, find ways to cope.

Anxiety is super common among teens—especially after COVID-19. But there are ways to deal with and treat it.

If this sounds like a conversation you have with yourself, it’s time to flip your brain with a five-step exercise.

The biggest thing you can do for yourself if you’re struggling with mental health or substance misuse is to talk to someone.

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Live Your Best Life.

Saying “no” to drugs and alcohol is a great start to living your best life. But there are many other positive choices you can make that have nothing to do with illicit substances.

Know the Consequences

When you smoke, vape, or misuse drugs or alcohol, there will be some negative effects. And the potential consequences go much further than just health risks or punishments. Below are just some examples.

Health Risks

Weakened immune system
Changed brain chemistry
Possible death


Family: Grounding and lost privileges
School: Detention or expulsion
Legal: Arrest or fines

Social Effects

Loss of parents’ trust
Broken friendships
Negative peer pressure

Internal Effects

Lower self esteem
Apathy (lack of caring)
Tendency toward other addictive behaviors

Don't be fooled. LEARN THE FACTS

There’s a ton of misinformation out there about alcohol and drugs, especially on the internet. For example, lots of YouTubers that are paid to “review” vaping products make it seem like they’re totally safe. But it’s dangerous to trust biased sources. Click on each substance to get the real story behind each.

Being a teen is tough. For some, it's even tougher

Today’s teens are dealing with more than probably any other time in history. Bullying, the pressures of social media, the distractions of technology and the stress to get ahead in school and sports all take their toll. But some teens have even more to face. Sexual, physical or emotional abuse, neglect, food insecurity and homelessness, chronic illness or living with an adult who’s an addict are all forms of trauma. It’s important to address these issues and not turn to alcohol or drugs to deal with them.

Get Help

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