Get Help

Looking Up is your first step to seeing past your struggles.

Mental and behavioral health issues can be a silent battle. But there’s always hope on the horizon. Whether you want to raise awareness, reduce stigma, find help or assist others—it’s time to Look Up. You can start by looking here for resources, information and providers.

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Faith and Mental Health

Faith can be a positive force for good mental health and even a strong complement to therapy in addressing mental health issues. Learn more about popular mental health topics from a faith perspective and find additional tools and information.

Resources for Faith Leaders

Many faith leaders feel they lack sufficient background knowledge, training and resources to help those who are living with mental health issues. Look here for information to help you meet some of the needs of those in your congregation or community.

Know the Facts

Mental Health

Substance Abuse

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Silence the stigma, start a conversation

All too often, people living with a mental illness do so in the shadows. The stigma surrounding mental illness is isolating and disheartening, and can prevent those who need help from stepping forward for help and support from friends, family and the community. It’s time to silence the stigma by learning and talking openly about mental health.