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Mental and behavioral health issues can be a silent struggle. But there’s always hope on the horizon. Whether you want to raise awareness, reduce stigma, find help or help others – it’s time to Look Up. Then look here for resources, information and providers.

Substance Use

Learn more about the effects of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and e-cigarettes, inhalants and other substances—as well as how you can receive help.


Anxiety is a natural emotion that can become debilitating. Learn how to identify and cope with severe anxiety.


More than just “having the blues,” depression can rob you of joy and cause deep sadness. Don’t just accept it. Learn more and get help.


Anyone can struggle with thoughts of suicide. Learn how to get help or help a loved one.

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Resources for Faith Leaders

Sometimes you just want the facts. Look Up provides information about common mental health conditions, with resources for assessing them, learning the medical and scientific aspects behind the situation, and providing resources for help, hope and recovery.

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Silence the Stigma

All too often, people living with a mental illness do so in the shadows. The stigma surrounding mental illness is isolating and disheartening, and can prevent those who need help from stepping forward for help and support from friends, family and the community. It’s time to silence the stigma by learning and talking openly about mental health.

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Find Your Worth / Worth the Effort

The Lutheran Foundation is working with partners throughout northern Indiana to launch a high-profile media campaign aimed at helping teens reduce substance use and develop resiliency. The Find Your Worth campaign encourages teens to recognize their strengths and celebrate the good in their lives. The corresponding campaign, Worth The Effort, urges parents to talk to their teens about substance use.

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System of Care

Indiana’s Department of Mental Health and Addiction (DMHA) has created a System of Care initiative to “ensure that Indiana citizens have access to quality mental health and addiction services that promote individual, family and community resiliency and recovery.” Learn more about System of Care in your county and connect with behavioral and mental health services near you.