Worldviews & Our Work – Coalition Against Domestic Violence

As advocates we work to understand the complex circumstances of domestic violence, and to provide survivors with compassionate services. We give the best of ourselves to create supportive spaces that can facilitate safety and recovery, but we know that survivors also have to interact with many people in the community who hold different values and understandings about violence. Pervasive cultural values like “personal responsibility” make it difficult for survivors to reach out for support, frequently result in judgmental responses when they do choose to disclose and reinforce feelings of stigma and shame among survivors. More broadly, the individual responsibility narrative deters bystander engagement and community investment in prevention strategies.

With this workshop we will explore strategies for shifting cultural values to better enable our communities to prevent violence and to support survivors. Join ICADV Coordinator of Prevention Initiatives Colleen Yeakle as she guides this virtual discussion.

April 28; 2pm. Registration is free but required to attend:

Date and Time

Wed, April 28, 2021

2:00pm - 3:00pm