Housing is a Human Right – webinar

Tuesday, October 14 | 12:30 pm EDT

This fifth webinar in American Public Health Association's Advancing Racial Equity series will cover structural racism in housing and will be held on October 14 at 12:30pm. Presenters will:

  • Describe the racist structures and policies that established housing inequality.
  • Discuss the health impacts of racism in housing on communities of color.
  • Highlight pre- and post-COVID legislation related to housing.
  • Provide an advocate's perspective of ways to advance equity through housing at the city and state level.

Learn more and register here > https://apha.org/events-and-meetings/apha-calendar/webinar-events/2020/racial-equity-part-5?eType=EmailBlastContent&eId=c98e2a83-0af1-459e-abbe-0692292d8caf

Date and Time

Wed, October 14, 2020

12:30pm - 1:30pm