Free Online Data Culture Mini Conference

Join experts and practitioners for a series of short, focused learning experiences and group discussions that explore best practices in building and nurturing data culture in school systems. During the event you will explore one of two pathways:

  • Pathway 1: Data Resources - The information we collect and prioritize: This pathway focuses on how to make decisions about the kind of data to collect and use that nurture a more inclusive data culture with a more holistic view of student success.

  • Pathway 2: Data Practices - Redefining norms and behaviors: This pathway focuses on how to help stakeholders at every level use data in a way that establishes a sustainable, responsive, and user-centered data culture.

You’re busy. We are busy. Let’s learn together. See you Thursday, February 25th @ 11am EST. Register here >

Date and Time

Thu, February 25, 2021

11:00am - 12:00pm