Collective Loss and Mobilization in a Pandemic

Throughout human history we've created spaces and rituals for loss, yet due to the COVID-19 pandemic not only have we had less access to these spaces, but less access to each other. During this time some of us have had to experience loss from afar, unable to gather and mourn with loved ones.

When physical spaces of remembrance and memorialization move into the digital realm, how can we create the same mental space and intentionality that physical spaces and gatherings provide? Digital environments have traditionally been thought of as secondary to the physical, but can digital experiences be considered as authentic as their physical counterparts?

Death experts and social advocates will lead an intimate discussion on loss, memorialization, protest and mobilization during the COVID-19 pandemic. July 14, 7pm.

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Date and Time

Tue, July 14, 2020

7:00pm - 8:00pm