Education Series Resources

Here you will find video recordings of recent LookUp seminars, as well as the accompanying PowerPoint presentations and other relevant materials.

Click here for the December 10 WEBINAR—Holiday Blues: Hoping and Coping in Difficult Days
The holidays can be a stressful and emotionally challenging time of year for many people in a “normal year,” and this holiday season will bring its unique set of stresses and feelings of anxiety, loss, and grief due to the current pandemic. Presenters Janet Altmeyer and Rev. Dr. Terry Anderson of Trinity English Lutheran Church in Ft. Wayne explore some holiday challenges, emphasize the importance of acknowledging and legitimizing our feelings, help participants recognize some signs and symptoms of emotional struggle, and offer practical coping strategies, including self-care and self-compassion tips.
Click here to access the Power Point Resource slides from the webinar.

Click here for the November 20 WEBINAR—Substance Use in a Global Pandemic: How the Faith Community Can Help
This panel discussion looks at what is happening locally in substance use, provides insights from a clinician working with people with opioid and stimulant disorder, shares some unique ways The Lutheran Foundation is working with community partners to connect people to treatment and recovery services, and examines how the church can support people and their families facing substance use disorder.

Click here for the October 23 WEBINAR - 7 Compassion in Action Principles for Faith Communities to Address Mental Illness

Presenter Ben O’Dell, Program Specialist at the Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiatives at the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, provides an overview of the HHS Partnership Center’s Compassion in Action Guide, highlighting actions from the 7 compassion in action principles that empower faith and community leaders to address mental health in their congregations and communities.
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Click here to access the HHS Partnership Center’s Compassion in Action Guide referenced in the webinar.

Click here for the September 29 WEBINAR - 4 Stresses All Ministry Leaders Face
Serving in ministry can be exhausting in every way under normal circumstances. And now many church workers are feeling the effects of the extra stresses that COVID-19 has brought to ministry work. In this webinar you will learn about the 4 types of stress we encounter and the 4 ways stress seeks its own expression. Denny Howard from Full Strength Network will help you identify the exact type of stress you are experiencing and show you how you can develop a personalized strategy to both gain and maintain vitality through this challenging season of work and personal life.
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Click here for the August 27 WEBINAR - 5 Ways Churches Protect Against Suicide

Dr. Karen Mason presents five ways that you can help protect your church from suicide without starting another program. She outlines some of the obstacles to building suicide protections in your church, and how you can overcome them.
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Click here for information on Dr. Mason's new book Preaching Hope in the Darkness: Help for Pastors in Addressing Suicide from the Pulpit.

Click here for the June 24 WEBINAR - A Return to Safety: How the Church Can Help after the Acute Phase of COVID-19
Dr. Laura Oyer, a staff psychologist at Park Center, Fort Wayne, explores the church's role in providing help, comfort and hope to their congregations after the acute phase of COVID-19.
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