Mental Health Toolkit

In order to help fulfill our mission to advance Gospel sharing and promote mental wellness that silences the stigma of mental illness, The Lutheran Foundation has prepared the Look Up Mental Health Toolkit for congregations to use during Mental Health Awareness Month in May. We hope that it will be a blessing to you to have these ready-made materials at your fingertips. Even though these materials were created with Mental Health Awareness Month in mind, much of the information in this toolkit can be used at any time during the year as your congregation promotes mental wellness and strives to reach out to those living with mental illness.

Mental Health Toolkit - Volume 1

Download Volume 1 here

  • Bible study “Hope and Comfort in the Midst of Depression”
  • Mental Health Myth Busters for Media Announcements
  • List of Hymns and Contemporary Christian Songs of Hope and Comfort
  • Sermon “Learning to Lament” and Bible study “I Will Come Forth as Gold” by Rev. Dr. Reed Lessing
  • WARM Mental Health Ministry Model

Mental Health Toolkit - Volume 2

Download Volume 2 here

  • Bible study “Compassion in Action: Exploring Biblical Examples of Mental Health Care”
  • Posters for Mental Health Awareness
  • Sermon “Being Well” by Rev. Dr. Dennis Goff
  • Strategy for Developing a Mental Health Ministry

Mental Health Toolkit - Volume 3

Download Volume 3 here

  • Bible study “Compassion in Action: Biblical Examples of the 5 Practices of Companionship”
  • Bible study artwork and bookmarks by Visual Faith Ministry
  • New Hymn “Father of Body, Mind, and Spirit”
  • Sermon “Father of Body, Mind, and Spirit” by Rev. Dr. Dennis Goff
  • Mental Health Resource Guide

Mental Health Toolkit - Volume 4

Download Volume 4 here

  • Bible study “Developing Resiliency Toward Better Whole Person Health: A Biblical Overview”
  • Installation Service for the Mental Health Advocate/Team
  • Mental Health Inclusion Ministry Strategic Planning Tool
  • Sermon “A Sermon on Mental Health” by Rev. Dr. Gary Zieroth

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