Schizophrenia is a chronic, severe, and disabling brain disorder resulting in some people hearing voices others do not hear. They may believe other people are reading and/or controlling their minds, or plotting to harm them.

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How to Understand Schizophrenia

Jeanie Tse, MD, discusses five domains of schizophrenia symptoms. Published by Howcast (3:00 minutes)

Schizophrenia & Dissociative Disorders

Published by CrashCourse, this video defines both of these disorders, including symptoms. Also, some myths are corrected. (11:43 minutes)

Schizophrenia: Stolen Minds, Stolen Lives

This video shares personal stories from people living with Schizophrenia. Scientists share their thoughts about the disorder. (50:01 minutes)

Recovery Stories in Mental Health

Provided by Institut Douglas, this video shares a success story of Janet, who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. The “Recovery Stories in Mental Health” series […] (4:17 minutes)

Psychosocial Treatment

Psychiatrist Jeanie Tse, MD, discusses psychosocial treatment for schizophrenia disorder. Published by Howcase. (2:51 minutes)

Electroconvulsive Therapy

Jeanie Tse, MD, talks about electroconvulsive therapy and its effectiveness with Schizophrenia. She discusses myths and the procedure. Published by Howcast (2:14 minutes)