Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders are characterized by a persistent pattern of dysfunctional eating and severe distress or concern about body weight or shape.  The most common forms include Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating Disorder.

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It’s Time to Talk About It

Everyone should get screened for an eating disorder. These illnesses often hide in plain sight, so whether you have serious concerns or just an inkling […] (1:02 minutes )

How to Help a Loved One

Loved ones play an important role in eating disorders recovery and navigating the process can sometimes be a challenge. This video contains easy tips on […] (2:43 minutes)

Warning Signs & Symptoms of an Eating Disorder

Eating disorders, such as bulimia, binge eating disorder, and anorexia, are serious illnesses that involve extreme emotions, attitudes, and behaviors surrounding food, exercise, and body […] (2:19 minutes)

Kirby’s Struggle with Bulimia

In this video Kirby Carter shares his struggles with Bulimia Nervosa. (12:24 minutes)

What is a Binge Eating Disorder?

In this video Kati Morton, Eating Disorder Specialist, talks about what a binge eating disorder is. (3:02 minutes)

Binge Eating Disorder

In this video WebMD presents a first-person account of binge eating disorder. (7:21 minutes)

Emelie’s Anorexia Story

In this video Emelie Berggren shares her struggle with anorexia. (3:36 minutes)

Diagnosing Anorexia Nervosa

In this video Kati Morton, Eating Disorder Specialist, talks about what goes into diagnosing someone with Anorexia Nervosa. (5:34 minutes)

What is ARFID?

In this video Kim DiRe, a psychotherapist, talks about what ARFID (Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder) is how to identify symptoms, and how it can be […] (4:00 minutes)

Dr. Phil talks about Bulimia

In this video Dr. Phil talks about what bulimia is, causes, who it effects, medical problems as a result of bulimia, warning signs, and some […] (2:54 minutes)

Eating Disorder: Said No Teen Ever

"Mom, I didn't mean to completely freak out last week when you asked me to unload the dishwasher...."  Said no teen ever. (0:35 Seconds)