Mental Health

Mental, behavioral and emotional health issues aren't rare. They're everywhere. And throughout northeast Indiana, people are suffering. These struggles don't always look the way you'd expect. It's time to look beyond the labels.

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Today’s Drugs: Prescription Drugs

Part of the Today’s Drugs series, Kevin Hunter, Captain of the Vice & Narcotics Division at the Fort Wayne Police Department shares what we should know about prescription drug abuse. (3:21 minutes)

Look Beyond the Labels

It's time to start the conversation, and silence the stigma around mental health. Look beyond the labels. (1:21 minutes)

Mental Health Myths

Published by BuzzFeedVideo, this short video shares six untrue facts about mental health you may possibly believe. (1:13 minutes)

What is Mental Health?

Produced by Dr. Mike Condra, Queen’s University’s Director of Health, Counseling & Disability Services. This animated video presents practical information about mental health. (5:32 minutes)

Stigma and Mental Illness

A joint project of the IWK Health Centre and the Mental Health Commission of Canada. This video was designed to combat the stigma attached to […] (11:01 minutes)

Mental Illness: The Invisible Illness

MaxSilverman discusses how mental and physical illness are not supported equally by society. (19:49 minutes)

Today’s Drugs: Addiction 101

Part of the Today’s Drugs series, Megan Fisher, MA, MHS, LCAC, LMHCA, CADAC IV, and a Director of Addiction Recovery Services at a large mental health center, shares what we should all know about addiction. (5:53 minutes)

Celebrities Discuss Mental Health

Several celebrities, including Demi Lovato, Howie Mandel, Terry Bradshaw, and Paula Dean speak out on mental illness, and the stigma. (3:43 minutes)

Physical Health v. Mental Health

This short video brings humor to a serious problem asking, “Isn’t it time we started taking mental health more seriously?” Isn’t it time we start […] (1:27 minutes)

Today’s Drugs: Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Part of the Today’s Drugs series, learn what we should all know about Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for addiction. (13:43 minutes)