Smoking. Vaping. Juuling. Hookahs. E-Cigarettes. Cigars. Smokeless Tobacco. Chew. Think it's harmless?  Think it's only hurting you? Get the facts.

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Nicotine Addiction for Beginners

This short animated video illustrates a candid conversation between a would-be patient addicted to nicotine and her doctor. (6:55 minutes)

Smoking vs Juuling (E-cigarettes)

This short, animated video explains the similarities and differences between Juuling (e-cigarettes, vaping) and smoking. (4:06 minutes)

Dangers of E-Cigarettes and Vaping on Youth

This short video explains what happens when youth use JUULS and other types of e-cigarettes.  (1:53 minutes)

Reasons to Snuff Out Smokeless Tobacco

Snuffing out smokeless tobacco, especially among young, white men in rural areas. (1:13 minutes)

Second Hand Smoke and Lung Cancer

In this short video an oncologist discusses lung cancer and the risks of second hand smoke. (1:49 minutes)

What Happens When You Stop Smoking?

This short video explains what happens to your body when you stop smoking. (3:28 minutes)

“If you smoke, you’re a smoker.”

“If you smoke, you’re a smoker.” Tips from a former smoker. (0:30 seconds)

Thirdhand Smoke Dangers

Thirdhand smoke is toxic residue that settles on surfaces, and if you touch it, you can absorb it. (0:59 seconds)

You Can Quit Smoking

You can quit smoking! This inspiring short video features three people who successfully quit smoking after many years. (0:30 seconds)