Cocaine (powder form) and crack cocaine (crystal form) can be taken orally, snorted, or injected, depending on its form. Street names include coke, crack, flake, rocks, snow, Charlie, and sniff.

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Your Brain on Crack Cocaine

Published by AsapSCIENCE. This animated video talks about Crack Cocaine’s affect on the brain. (3:03 minutes)

The Hijacker – Addiction Series (Episode 1)

Substance use disorders (SUDs) affect tissue function in two main parts of the brain. This is what it means when scientists say that addiction is a brain disease. (3:17 minutes)

5 Key Signs of Cocaine Abuse

Provided by Substance Abuse Rehabs, this short video shares five key signs of cocaine abuse. (1:57 minutes)

The Truth About Crack Cocaine

Provided by the Foundation for a Drug Free World, this video features a variety of people sharing their personal stories about using crack cocaine. (7:12 minutes)

Today’s Drugs: Cocaine

Part of the Today’s Drugs series, Kevin Hunter, Captain of the Vice & Narcotics Division at the Fort Wayne Police Department shares what we should know about cocaine. (2:15 minutes)

10 Facts About Cocaine

Published in May 2013, this video provides 10 facts about cocaine. (1:50 minutes)

The Reward Circuit: How the Brain Responds to Cocaine

Learn about the brain reward system and the biochemical processes that occur during cocaine use. (2:33 Minutes)

Today’s Drugs: Addiction 101

Part of the Today’s Drugs series, Megan Fisher, MA, MHS, LCAC, LMHCA, CADAC IV, and a Director of Addiction Recovery Services at a large mental health center, shares what we should all know about addiction. (5:53 minutes)

Stevie Nicks: “I Used to Carry a Gram of Cocaine in My Boot”

For years, Stevie Nicks battled an addiction to cocaine. Find out how her drug use escalated during the ’70s and contributed to her “doomed” affair […]

Today’s Drugs: Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Part of the Today’s Drugs series, learn what we should all know about Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for addiction. (13:43 minutes)