Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) affects children and teens and can continue into adulthood. People diagnosed with ADHD may be hyperactive, unable to control their impulses, and have trouble paying attention.

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ADHD and the Brain

This video, featuring Dr. Gerald Chodak, discusses the parts of the brain affected by ADHD. (3:26 Minutes)

Davina’s Story: an ADHD Mom

A mother of two boys shares her story of being diagnosed with Adult ADHD. (2:14 minutes)

ADHD is Real

ADHD is real. Thirty years of brain imaging research shows that the brain of a person with ADHD is different. (1:33 minutes)

Living With ADHD

Katie Couric provides a story on what it is like living with ADHD. Video highlights personal stories by adults diagnosed with ADHD. ADHD is not […] (8:14 Minutes)

What not to say to Someone with ADHD

A young lady living with ADHD shares 11 things you should never say to someone diagnosed with ADHD . (8:17 Minutes)

What is ADHD?

Provided by healthchanneltv, and medically revised by H. Van den Enden, ADHD expert and Dr. Manual IV See, MD. This animation explains how ADHD differs […] (4:00 Minutes)

ADHD Child v. Non-ADHD Child Interview

Two children were interviewed and asked the same questions. Both are six years old and in the first grade. Both have same family structure. One… (5:44 Minutes)