Victim Assistance

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  • CASA Court Appointed Special Advocate

  • Community Justice & Mediation Center (CJAM)

  • Department of Child Services - Monroe County

  • Indiana Trafficking Victims Assistance Program ITVAP

  • Middle Way House Support Groups

  • Safe Families for Children

  • Safe Place

  • Susie's Place

Community Justice & Mediation Center

Who We Are: The Community Justice & Mediation Center (CJAM) has been healing harm caused by conflict and crime since 1990. CJAM is a nonprofit community agency serving Monroe County. Indiana and the surrounding counties of Southern Indiana.

What We Do: The mission of CJAM is to promote a civil and just community through mediation, education and restorative justice. We envision a fair community that learns form conflict, prevents harm, and grows in understanding.

205 S. Walnut Street, Suite 16; Bloomington, IN 47404; 812-336-8677;

CASA Court Appointed Special Advocate For Children

Monroe County CASA is a volunteer-powered program which provides representation in juvenile court for child victims of abuse and neglect.

The program recruits, screens, trains, and supervises adult community members who volunteer their time to serve as Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs), with full legal authority set forth by the State of Indiana.

CASAs provide advocacy to child victims to ensure that they remain at the forefront of the court proceedings and find a safe, permanent home as quickly as possible.

201 N. Morgan St. Bloomington IN 47404 / 812-333-2272 / /

Department of Child Services - Monroe County

1531 S. Curry Pike / Suite 600 / Bloomington, IN 47403

Region: 13
Regional Manager: Laura Fair
Division Manager: Trisha Skillman

Telephone Number: 812-336-6351 / Fax Number: 317-232-1553 / Office Hours: 8AM-4:30PM

Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline: 800-800-5556
Hotline Hours: 24 Hours

DCS Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission:  The Indiana Department of Child Services engages with families and collaborates with state, local and community partners to protect children from abuse and neglect and to provide child support services.

Vision: Indiana children will live in safe, healthy and supportive families and communities.


RESPECT – Every person has value, worth and dignity
PREVENTION – Families should have access to the resources and knowledge to prevent their children from experiencing abuse and neglect
SAFETY – Every child has the right to be free from abuse and neglect
STABILITY – The best place for children to grow up is with their own families
PERMANENCY – Children and older youth have the right to permanency
RESPONSIBILITY – Parents have the primary responsibility for the care and safety of their children
ACCOUNTABILITY – Each person is accountable for outcomes and one’s own growth and development
CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT – The agency will engage in continuous improvement efforts to improve outcomes for children and families

Indiana Trafficking Victims Assistance Program ITVAP

National Human Trafficking Resource Center / SMS: 233733 (Text "HELP' or "INFO")

DCS Hotline: 800-800-5556

Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week

Language: English, Spanish and 200 more languages


Middle Way House

Support groups for survivors of incest and survivors of sexual violence

Middle Way House's Crisis Intervention program offers two support groups: one for survivors of incest and one for survivors of sexual violence. Both groups are open to all survivors, regardless of gender. Survivors of incest can join one or both groups. While the support group is facilitated by crisis intervention staff, topics and focus areas are led by the particpants' needs and desires. Both groups are free, ongoing, and survivors may request to join at any time. All requests are reviewed by group faciliators.

If you would like to request to join the group, contact the help and crisis line (812-336-0846) and ask to be connected with a facilitator.

This group may require caregiver consent. Informational, in-person conversation required before attending first group. Please let any interest adolescents and teens know that they can call or text (812) 360-2254 to reserve a time for a first intake interview.

The RISE! Transitional Housing, 401 S. Washington St., Bloomington, IN 47401

Office: 812-337-4510   Fax: 812-337-4511

Cassie Petty: The Rise! Community Outreach Coordinator

24/7 Help and Crisis Line 812-336-0846

We believe and support survivors.

Safe Families for Children

Monroe County Director: Meghan Garcia / / / Monroe County Director, Meghan Garcia / 812-929-7626 /  Stephanie Jimenez, Monroe County Coordinator

PO Box 3174, Bloomington 47402

Crisis Intake Line: 317-519-3839

Our Mission

Safe Families hosts vulnerable children. We create extended-family–like supports for desperate families through a community of devoted volunteers who are motivated by faith to keep children safe and to reunite families.

Our Objectives

  • Child welfare deflection: Safe Families provides a safe alternative to child welfare custody, thus significantly reducing the number of children entering the child welfare system.

  • Child abuse prevention: Providing an overwhelmed and resource limited parent with a safe, temporary place for their child without threat of losing custody. By offering support, the goal is to avert potential abuse/neglect episodes.

  • Family support and stabilization: Many parents struggle because of limited social support and unavailable extended family. Many Safe Families volunteers become the extended family that a parent never had.

Our Model

  • Families in need maintain full custody (They may be biological or adoptive parents or guardians.)

  • Volunteer Host Families are extensively screened and supported

  • Average length of stay is six weeks (ranging from two days to a year)

  • Average age of child in SFFC care is 4.5 years old

  • Available to children ages 0-18 years, including parenting teens

  • Close working relationships between Safe Families, the local church, and the referring organization

  • Commitment to reunite the family as soon as possible

Safe Place

For youth . . someplace to go. Someone to help.

Safe Place is a national youth outreach and prevention program for young people in need of immediate help and safety. As a community-based program, it designates businesses and public location as Safe Place sites, making help readily available to youth.

If a young person is having problems at home, suffering from abuse or neglect, lost or in a dangerous situation, with a drunk or unsafe driver, or just needs to talk about a problem, help is available at any Safe Place site, identified by the bright, yellow and blank diamond-shaped sign. Youth may also use TXT 4 HELP to access immediate help.

Teens Text the Word "SAFE" and your current location (city/state/zip) to 69866 for immediate help. Within seconds, you will receive a message with the closest safe place location. Reply with "2CHAT" to text one-on-one with a professional. It's quick, easy, safe and confidential.

Youth Services Bureau of Monroe County / 615 S. Adams Street / Bloomington IN 47403 / 812-349-2507

Susie's Place - Bloomington

The Susie's Place mission is to provide a neutral, child-friendly center for the investigation of alleged child abuse and neglect, while maintaining the comfort and safety of the child as the first priority.

365 S. Parkridge Dr. Suite 103 Bloomington, IN 47401 / 812-822-1570

Charlotte Willian, Child and Family Advocate /


Get Help

Text LookUp to 494949 Available 24 hours every day