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Pregnancy / Parenting / Abortion / Adoption

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We're here to listen - before, during, or after your experience with pregnancy, parenting, abortion or adoption. Call us to find judgment-free support!

Community Partners for Child Safety

A comprehensive service provider for families

Ireland Home Based Services, LLC

For more information contact: 812-479-1856 / 877-403-0380 /

1030 W. 17th St, Suite A, Bloomington, IN 47404

This is a free, voluntary service to help parents! Parenting can be a struggle and at times assistance is needed. We aim to keep children safe from abuse and neglect and to support families so that parents can be the best they can be!

Home Based Services / On-call availability / crisis intervention counseling / timely, effective and appropriate prevention support services / development of family case plans to include 3 goals / referral to resources and supports within the community / support and advocacy services

Families who reside in Brown, Greene, Lawrence, Monroe and Owen counties. Children and families who are not currently DCS wards, informally adjusted or involved with juvenile probation.

Families may self refer or be referred by another person or agency by phone.

This program is free to families.

Gateway Woods

Foster Care Program

14505 Klopfenstein Rd, Leo, IN 46765 / 260-627-0220 / 888-443-4283 /

The Gateway Woods foster care program provides services to equip Christian foster parents with appropriate training and resources to be successful. Our foster care staff is committed to meeting the needs of our foster children and foster parents through frequent contact and visits with families and service providers. We provide a number of services including: foster care training and licensing, individual case management support, foster child placement, foster-to-adopt, support and connection with Christian staff and other foster parents, specific foster child support and mentoring.

Make a referral by phone or at

Nausea/Vomiting In Pregnancy

Plan A Non Prescription

Ginger              Crackers and bed             Seabands      Prenatal Vitamins

Plan B First medications

Unisom      Diclegis      Bonjesta

Plan C Second line medications

Benadryl     Dramamine       Compazine      Phenergan   

Plan D

--Not dehydrated

                                           Med Options                   Phenegran ORC       Reglan Rx        Tigan Rx       Zofran Rx

--Dehydrated                   IV Fluids with meds


Nurse-Family Partnership

A program offered by IU Health Community Health supporting Greene, Lawrence, Monroe, Orange and Owen counties.

333 E. Miller Dr. Bloomington IN 47401 / 812-353-3200 / 812-353-3135

One expectant mom. One nurse. Partnering together for a healthy pregnancy and baby.

3 Main Goals: healthier pregnancy / healthier baby / improved life course and self-sufficiency of mother

Enroll and receive free education, coaching and resources.

No cost to participate. The program serves all eligible families.

Eligibility: first-time pregnancy with no history of live birth / pregnant for 28 weeks or less / low-income mother (Medicaid, WIC, SNAP, TANF eligible) / willing to commit to long-term program in collaboration with a personal nurse. 

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