Substance Abuse

Substance abuse has strong negative consequences, including altering brain development and functioning, leading to poor decision-making. Addiction can ruin lives, devastate families, and destroy relationships.

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The Truth About Addiction

This easy-to-follow video talks about what addiction is, and what it is not. (6:56 minutes)

On Second Thought, “No Thanks”

This video is a high school psa about drug abuse. (0:30 seconds)

The Faces of Drug Addiction

No one is immune to the evils of drug addiction, whether it's a friend, a family member, or a neighbor. (5:01 minutes)

The Truth about Meth

This video educates on the realities of meth, and its effects on users. (5:32 minutes)

Synthetic Weed, K2, Kills

120 people in 5 days died in Texas from K2. People are dying from their FIRST use. Learn more about why in this short video. (2:59 minutes)

Dangers of Spice

A news story about a teen who died after ONE hit of synethic pot. Don't get bullied into taking drugs. Know the truth. Your life is depending on it. (8:07 minutes)

Dangers of Molly

CNN's Drew Griffin investigates the hidden dangers of the popular party drug "Molly." (3:50 minutes)

The Heroin Epidemic

A documentary about people's personal stories of heroin and opiate use. (52:37 minutes)

The Battle Against Heroin

A heroin addict may not look like what you think. This video is about a beautiful Ohio teen who lost her battle with heroin addiction. (6:45 minutes)

Effects of Alcohol

This short video talks about the effects of alcohol on our bodies, what areas of body are affected, the rate in which our bodies can […] (4:59 minutes)

People with drug problems might act differently than they used to, possibly spending a lot of time alone, losing interest in their favorite things, have poor hygience, and eat less than usual.

People with an addiction usually cannot stop taking the drug on their own. They want and need more. If they try to stop taking the drug, they will feel sick.

People living with an addiction need to seek help. There are effective treatments available to help make the transition to a drug-free life less of a struggle, and more of a permanent transition.

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