Self Harm

Self-harm refers to hurting oneself to relieve emotional pain or distress. The most common forms of this behavior are cutting and burning.

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11 Different Types of Self Harm

This video is to educate on the various types of self harm. If you are participating in one or more of these types of self […] (6:45 minutes)

The Journey into Self Harm

Personal stories from youth who have participated in self harm. (3:26 minutes)

Self Harm

This video, made by Will Halfacree for The Invictus Trust, highlights stories from teens who have self-harmed. (3:43 minutes)

A Movie About Self Harm

This video highlights a conversation between two teens who have participated in cutting. One teen is in recovery helping another who is struggling. Produced by […] (12:06 minutes)

People who deliberately harm themselves have often had tough experiences or relationshps in their lives.

People who self harm may have been bullied, lost someone close to them, been physically or sexually abused, or have experienced problems with family, school or peer groups.

Deliberate self harm is often used as a way to cope, possibly to express difficult or hidden feelings, or maybe a way of proving to yourself that you are no invisible.