Bullying includes behaviors that focus on making someone else feel inadequate, or focus on belittling someone else. Different types of bullying include physical, verbal, emotional and cyber bullying.

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Because of You

The way you treat somebody can have a big impact. Because of you, someone’s entire day, year, and life can change. (1:20 minutes)

Honest Yearbook

What would someone write about you in your yearbook? (3:08 minutes)

LGBT Bullying

The LGBT community experiences a high-rate of bullying. It is time to stand up to homophobic bullying. (2:00 minutes)

Anti-Bullying Video

Celebrities share their bullied past, and reflect on the success they now have. (4:00 minutes)

How to Stop A Bully

Author/Speaker Brooks Gibbs explains bullying in the most simplistic terms: Dominance behavior. He provides a simple potential solution to bullying as well: Don't get upset. (7:04 minutes)

Don’t Be the Bully, Be the Change

This short video shows how one choice to bully or not can change the trajectory of a day and life! (3:10 minutes )

I Like Bow Ties, Not Bullying

Joshua describes how it felt to be homeless and bullied.  He responds to bullying with generosity.  He encourages us to make a bully-free society.     (3:59 minutes)

A Moving Speech on Bullying

A must see TEDTalks video for anyone who has been bullied, or has bullied. (12:04 minutes)

An Anti-bullying short film

This video reflects the harmful effects of bullying. (11:02 minutes)

Young Men Fight Bullying

After a group of 5th grade boys noticed a classmate with a learning disability getting teased, they banded together and made him a part of their gang. (2:48 minutes)

Ellen Talks About Bullying

Ellen shares her personal story of being bullied.

Over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year.

More than one out of every five (20.8%) students report being bullied.

71% of students report incidents of bullying as a problem at their school.

Ninety percent of 4th through 8th graders report being victims of bullying.

1 in 10 students drop out of school because of repeated bullying.

Bullying can happen anywhere—cities, suburbs, or rural towns.

Don’t believe the lies of a bully. Seek out help.

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