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Mental Health Assessment Tools

This search function will provide results from state and national resources specific to school social, emotional, behavioral, and mental health.

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Contributed by Christy Gauss, MSW, Natalie Bengert, BS, and Josie Kincaid, BS

Indiana School Mental Health Initiative


Below is a list of mental health assessments that can be used in educational settings and beyond. This list does not represent an endorsement of any one tool and is not inclusive of all possible tools.  This list is simply to assist others in accessing a range of options related to school climate, trauma, anxiety and other relevant topics.


PDF Version:  https://tinyurl.com/y4ut2e5t

Substance Use


School Climate




 Disruptive Behavior

Global Functioning


Social Skills

Internal and External Behavior Patterns

Adaptive Skills

Personal Resiliency

 Emotional and Social Development

 Life Satisfaction

Personality and Psychopathology




Bengert, N., Gauss, C. & Kincaid, J., (2019). Mental health assessment tools. Retrieved from https://lookupindiana.org/schools/about-school-mental-health/resources/mental-health-assessment-tools/.



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