Social Emotional Learning Skills

Family Response to COVID-19 Crisis

Parents should try to spend more time with their children during the COVID-19 health crisis. Not only will this help children feel more secure, it also will provide parents with opportunities to talk with their children about any concerns they may be having. Limit the amount of exposure children have to television or social media, as this can lead to increased worry and anxiety for children. Instead, spend time playing games or other activities of interest.

Children will take their lead from the adults in their world; therefore, adults should monitor their own verbal and nonverbal behaviors and remain calm and in control during the health crisis.

When talking with children, use age-appropriate language and answer their questions honestly and accurately. Explain (in simple terms) what is known about the disease and that scientists are working hard to find out more.

Reinforcing Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Skills

Use the current health crisis as an opportunity to teach and reinforce the SEL core competencies. READ MORE

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