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Coping with COVID-19—Managing Stress and Anxiety
Five ways of coping during COVID

Dealing with Anxiety and Depression During the Coronavirus
A Focus on the Family broadcast

Recognizing Reality: The Stress of Pandemic
The pandemic has us living at 80% of our stress capacity. How are you coping?

How to Develop Resiliency in Times of Uncertainty
The importance of turning to Scripture during the pandemic.


November 20 WEBINAR—Substance Use in a Global Pandemic: How the Faith Community Can Help
This panel discussion looks at what is happening locally in substance use, provides insights from a clinician working with people with opioid and stimulant disorder, shares some unique ways The Lutheran Foundation is working with community partners to connect people to treatment and recovery services, and examines how the church can support people and their families facing substance use disorder.

June 24 WEBINAR - A Return to Safety: How the Church Can Help after the Acute Phase of COVID-19
Dr. Laura Oyer, a staff psychologist at Park Center, Fort Wayne, explores the church's role in providing help, comfort and hope to their congregations after the acute phase of COVID-19.
Click here to open the PowerPoint presentation from this webinar.


Spiritual First Aid Summit 2021 
In this panel discussion, leading Christian mental health professionals provide both scientific and spiritual insights into how we can care better for others and ourselves during the remainder of the pandemic and beyond. Topics such as lament, making meaning out of suffering, burnout, and finding hope are discussed to help others apply what is learned in their personal lives, churches, and communities.

How Churches can Promote Mental Health through the Coronavirus Pandemic
The church can be a help for those struggling during the pandemic.

    The COVID-19 Mental Health Handbook
    This handbook covers topics relating to COVID-19 and mental health.

    Some Practical Tips for Church Leaders to Cultivate Mental Well-Being in a Time of Stress, Anxiety, and Panic
    Practical ways in which church leaders can help their congregations and community with the stress and worry they may be feeling during these anxious days of Covid-19.

    From Grief to Endurance: Spiritual and Mental Health for the Long Haul
    In this webinar, a panel of experts offers insight for addressing spiritual and mental health needs for the long haul.

    Considerations for Communities of Faith
    This document by the CDC provides suggestions for faith communities for re-convening in-person gatherings while still working to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This document also contains links with specific information for congregations with childcare facilities, schools, and after-school or summer camp activities.

    COVID-19 Vaccine Communication Toolkit for Community-Based Organizations
    This toolkit is designed for staff of organizations serving communities affected by COVID-19, including faith-based organizations, social service organizations, school organizations (e.g., PTAs/PTOs), meal delivery services, senior centers, etc. This toolkit will help your organization educate your members about COVID-19 vaccines, raise awareness about the benefits of vaccination, and address common questions and concerns. Content includes sample letters, downloadable posters/flyers, social media messages, and more.

    Supporting Older Adults Amidst COVID-19
    This article discusses the perils of social isolation and loneliness and how a lack of connection can be dangerous for certain older adults. It also explores some practical ways we canfoster more social connection with older people.


    Health during the Pandemic
    Practical advice on caring for self and others during the pandemic.

    Spiritual and Mental Health for Children and Teens During COVID
    A panel of three experts share their insights into how parents, youth ministry leaders, and others who work with children can best nurture and support children’s mental and spiritual well-being during the upheaval that has been brought on by the continued COVID-19 pandemic.

    Coronavirus and Teenagers
    Youth for Christ and RemedyLIVE provide insight and resources for parents, coaches and caring adults to help teens through this life-changing pandemic.

    Peace, Be Still: A Family Guide to Living in Crazy Days
    This is a Bible-based resource for parents and children during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is informed by best practices in mental health as well as two decades of experience using trauma healing worldwide. Content includes topics such as: God’s promises to us in His Word and taking our worries to God in prayer. Peace, Be Still is designed for families with children ages 8–12, but can be adapted for other ages.

    Unstuck: A Teen Guide to Living in Uncertain Times
    UNSTUCK helps teens cope during times of uncertainty, especially after a disaster such as the COVID-19 pandemic. The materials are written for teens to go through on their own and at their own pace. Topics include: naming your feelings, grieving and creating a lament, taking care of yourself, and setting goals. A Biblical passage related to each key concept is highlighted which point to Jesus Christ as the source of our comfort and hope. Teens could also benefit by working through the resource with experienced youth ministry workers in small groups over four weeks.


    Coping and Caring for Oneself During COVID-19: Practical Steps for Pastors and Christian Leaders
    Find practical ways to ensure you are attending to your own needs

    Ministering as Restrictions Lift
    As the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” restrictions lift and we begin to gather together again as congregations, some issues may surface that are ultimately related to mental health. How can pastors and church workers spot and minister to people who are dealing with these issues?

    Preventing COVID-19 Compassion Fatigue and Burnout
    A free course: Faith-Based and Research-Based Approaches to Building Resilience

    Care for the Caregiver: A Guide During the COVID-19 Pandemic
    This document from the Trauma Healing Institute contains stories, Scripture passages for reflection, activities, and discussion questions to help caregivers care for themselves during the pandemic.

    Healing from the Distress of the  COVID-19 Crisis
    This document from the Trauma Healing Institute contains a section called “Remembering God’s Love During the Pandemic” which incorporates reflection on Scripture, activities, and discussion questions.

    7 Keys to Building Resilience
    Resiliency seems to be a current buzzword for dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Resiliency sounds really good, but what does it actually mean? And even harder is figuring out how to achieve it. This article shares 7 simple ways you can build resiliency, each grounded in Scripture. There is also an accompanying video on the topic.

    Dealing with Burnout Caused by COVID-19’s Psychological Marathon
    In this article, Dr. Jamie Aten, Director of The Humanitarian Disaster Institute, discusses how to cope with a pandemic that feels like it will never end.

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