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Strong Families/ Strong Community is Perry County SOC, we are a spectrum of effective,community-based services and supports for children, youth and families,with or at risk for mental health or other challenges, that is organized into a coordinated network, builds meaningful partnerships with families and youth, and addresses their cultural and linguistic needs, in order to help them function better at home, school, community, and throughout life.

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System of Care Coordinator (Perry County)
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Southern Hills Counseling Center

History and overview

Southern Hills was established in 1968 and serves the residents of Dubois, Perry, Spencer, Orange and Crawford Counties in southwestern Indiana.

Southern Hills is a not-for-profit community mental health center governed by an 11-member, volunteer Board of Directors. The Center employs over 130 full and part-time staff members at its five county and three residential facilities.

Services are provided in Jasper (Dubois County), English (Crawford County), Paoli (Orange County), Tell City (Perry County), Rockport and Dale (Spencer County).  A full array of services including individual, family, and group counseling, psychological assessment, psychiatric consultation, educational programs, and rehabilitative day treatment is available throughout the five counties.

Southern Hills also provides Employee Assistance Programs designed to meet the needs of employees and area businesses, and provides inpatient services in conjunction with Memorial Hospital.

About our services

Southern Hills Counseling Center offers a full range of mental health services to children, adolescents and adults.


Outpatient services offer evaluation and treatment for clients of all ages. Services are provided by qualified therapist in a traditional setting and offer treatment in both individual and group modalities.

Here at Southern Hills, group therapy has been found to be very beneficial in treating a wide of range of emotional and behavioral disorders. Some of the groups offered are parenting groups, anger management groups, and mood and personality disorder groups. Individual counseling is also available for treating problems such as divorce and relationship issues, grief and loss issues, depression, anxiety, and eating disorders.

Children and adolescents are seen individually or with their families to work on emotional, behavioral, school related, and family related problems.

Southern Hills also offers treatment for those experiencing drug or alcohol problems.  A variety of groups in alcohol/drug education and treatment are offered for both teens and adults.


A personal crisis can happen at any time.  Should a crisis occur when our office is closed, a counselor is available at night, weekends, and holidays.  For those clients that present an acute crisis and may need hospitalization, an emergency evaluation is done by a master’s level therapist, and if appropriate an admission to inpatient treatment is coordinated.


Southern Hills offers psychiatric services to provide medication management. Clients are first evaluated by a qualified masters level therapist and, if appropriate, are then referred to the psychiatrist for a psychiatric and medication evaluation.


Case management services are provided by bachelor level client representatives. Services are provided to the clients in their community and focus on problems such as budgeting and money management, applying for entitlements, setting up housing, prevocational training vocational referral services, and overall linkage to other community resources that meet the clients identified needs.


Home Maker services focus on providing education and role modeling in parenting skills, education and teaching in ADL’s (activities of daily living) and provides supervised visitation.


Our supervised group living homes are located in Jasper and in Huntingburg.  All three homes are co-ed and handicap accessible.  The program is designed to provide chronically mentally ill adults a therapeutic environment in a home-like setting. The supervised group living program helps to create the environment in which each individual’s dignity, self-direction, and feelings of personal worth are

maximized.  The program focuses on the following general skill development areas:  personal and health care, nutrition, cooking, using community resources, money management, and general coping skills.


Our Drop-In program is a therapeutic day treatment program offered up to 6 hours a day, five days a week. For clients needing less stimulation, a 4-hour program is offered 3 days a week.  Attention is focused on activities that provide support in both symptom reduction and learning alternative attitudes and behaviors, which the client may apply at home.

Program goals focus on helping clients develop communication and relationship skills, develop or maintain skills of daily living, to improve insight into life difficulties, provide an alternative to inpatient hospitalization and to work toward and achieve the lest restrictive treatment.


(812) 482-4020

Toll Free 1-800-883-4020


Dubois County s Jasper

(812) 482-3020

Spencer County s Tell City

(812) 649-9168

Perry County s Rockport

(812) 547-7905

Crawford County s English

(812) 338-2756

Orange County s Paoli

(812) 723-4306
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