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Strong Families/ Strong Community is Perry County SOC, we are a spectrum of effective,community-based services and supports for children, youth and families,with or at risk for mental health or other challenges, that is organized into a coordinated network, builds meaningful partnerships with families and youth, and addresses their cultural and linguistic needs, in order to help them function better at home, school, community, and throughout life.

Rossina Sandoval
System of Care Coordinator (Perry County)
CPh (812)6312254

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Deaconess Cross Pointe

Deaconess Cross Pointe


For outpatient services, call 812-471-4611 or 800-874-7104
for inpatient or urgent services, call the CARE Team at 812-476-7200 or toll free at 800-947-6789 to schedule an evaluation.


7200 East Indiana Street, Evansville, IN 47715

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Area of Service:

Emotional, behavioral and addiction-related needs

Brief description of services/programs:

Deaconess Cross Pointe provides health care services for emotional, behavioral and addiction-related needs. We treat a wide variety of conditions through counseling and outpatient programs at our offices on Cross Pointe Blvd. as well as inpatient hospitalization at our facility on East Indiana St. Our team also plays an important role in providing community education about mental health first aid, suicide prevention, and resources available in the region. 

Participating in any program at Deaconess Cross Pointe begins with a comprehensive evaluation of each potential patient’s needs. 

Following an evaluation, the CARE Team member and our on-call psychiatrist choose the most appropriate level of care for that patient at that moment.
Options include (but are not limited to):

  • Admission to an inpatient unit at Cross Pointe

  • Referral to the Partial Hospitalization Program

  • Connecting with a therapy group or therapy provider

  • Enrolling in a chemical dependency treatment program


There is no charge for a CARE Team evaluation and all evaluations are 100% confidential.

Contact person and email:  Kent Leslie
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