Kosciusko County

Kosciusko County Systems of Care promotes collaboration and communication between providers and community members to best meet the needs of all people residing in the county. We believe in taking action together so that our community can continue to thrive.

Alexandra Myers
Systems of Care Coordinator (Kosciusko County)
(574) 267-7169 ext 3704

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Kosciusko County System of Care Information

The Kosciusko County System of Care typically meets once a quarter on the fourth Tuesday at 1:00 in March, June, September, and December. Location varies, so please see the events calendar under the County Events tab here for more information. You may also contact the SOC Coordinator at alexandra.myers@bowencenter.org. Meetings are open to the public but RSVP is requested to ensure available seating.

SOC Bylaws and Policies

Kosciusko County’s System of Care body and exists to support Kosciusko County’s plan to expand and sustain a System of Care in Kosciusko County.


System of Care Members

Kosciusko SOC re-launched in January 2018, there are currently over 120 people involved in systems of care. Kosciusko SOC currently has 6 subcommittees to serve the needs of the community. All subcommittees are open to new members.

Subcommittees include:

  • Parenting and Failure to Thrive (with it's own subcommittee focused on doing a community event called Sensory Day)

  • Addictions Crisis

  • Reducing the Stigma (Depression, Anxiety, and other mental health disorders)

  • Transportation and Housing

  • Jobs and Childcare

  • Community Connections

If you are interested in joining one of these efforts, reach out to Alex Myers at alexandra.myers@bowencenter.org.
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