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Kosciusko County Systems of Care promotes collaboration and communication between providers and community members to best meet the needs of all people residing in the county. We believe in taking action together so that our community can continue to thrive.

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Star Behavioral Health Provider

If you are a health provider and would like to serve those who have served in the military, there is an upcoming Tier 1 Training on September 12 from 8-5 at the United Way in St. Joseph County. The training is free of cost.

The tiers are as follows:

  • Tier One "provides an introduction to military culture and information about the deployment cycle. Open to all service providers and community members."

  • Tier Two "provides education about specific challenges and difficulties that are often associated with military service. Open to all service providers who have attended Tier One."

  • Tier Three "provides clinical skills that focus on evidence-based treatments to address some of the behavioral health issues facing service members, veterans and families. Only licensed clinicians, who have attended Tier One and Tier Two and have been accepted into the registry, are eligible to attend. Registry providers who have attended a Tier One and a Tier Two can attend all of the different Tier Three training topics."

For more information, visit www.starproviders.org
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