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Kosciusko County Systems of Care promotes collaboration and communication between providers and community members to best meet the needs of all people residing in the county. We believe in taking action together so that our community can continue to thrive.

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Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October serves as an observance month for domestic violence awareness. Despite the common beliefs, domestic violence noes not equate to the presence of physical abuse. In fact, domestic violence does not need to have a presence of physical abuse at all. Check out the graphic below from Albion Health for varying ways behaviors are used to control another person. It should also be noted that victims of domestic abuse can be both male and female. Help give everyone a voice by hearing their stories and not dismissing the actions of the other person in the relationship.

If you need help or know someone who is at risk of domestic violence, please call 911 or 800-799-7233. For more information, visit, https://nrcdv.org/dvam/home.

For local help, please call or visit the Beaman Home. Call: 574-267-7701, visit: 603 Parker St, Warsaw, IN.                                                        (There are beds for both men and women in their new facility. )

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