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Tips on Anger Management

Anger is normal and even healthy. How you choose to deal with it can make all the difference.

What is anger? Anger is a normal feeling that can range from annoyance to rage. Anger can cause changes in your body from increased heart rate to blood pressure. Anger can be helpful or harmful depending on how you choose to handle and express it.

What causes anger? Some of the most common causes of anger can be:
Feeling that you have been treated unfairly, picked on or bullied;
Not getting what you want;
Feeling your life is not going as you had hoped;
Things you cannot control, such as traffic jams.
Sometimes you have the right to be angry, but too much of this emotion can cause problems with your family and
friends as well as problems at work, with the law, money, and with your health.

How should you deal with anger? Sometimes you cannot control things that make you angry. But you do have control over how you react to, and express, your anger. Angry outbursts and violence is dangerous, these reactions will make the situation worse. Here are some things to try when you start to feel angry and out of control:
Stop what you are doing and try to calm down;
Practice deep breathing by counting to 10 while taking deep breaths. If you are still angry, count to 10 again;
Walk away from what you are doing if you cannot calm down, removing yourself from your current environment can
be helpful;
Try to avoid the situation or person/s that caused you to react in a negative and angry manner;
Once you are calm and can think clearly, think about how best to deal with what made you angry in the first place.

Some everyday habits can be of help in managing your anger. Some helpful habits may be:
Keeping your sense of humor;
Get plenty of rest and exercise;
Try to understand other people's viewpoints;
Relax by doing things you enjoy.

You can get help if your anger feels out of control. Talk to your doctor or reach out to Centerstone for help and guidance in dealing with anger management concerns.
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