Hamilton County

Hamilton County has a dedicated System of Care; a coordinated partnership and network of agencies, professionals, and community members, including youth and families, who band together and are committed to improving access to and quality of care for all people. Hamilton County System of Care strives for representation with diversity. This is *our* community, these are *our* families, and this is *our* community health.  Everyone is part of this System of Care!

Kristen Seibert
System of Care Coordinator (Hamilton County)

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Fairbanks Online IOP

Fairbanks Online IOP

Fairbanks now offers an online version of our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) to treat drug and alcohol addiction. This new program provides new opportunities for patients who may have transportation, distance, work, family, or confidentiality barriers that prevent them from attending on site.

Fairbanks Online IOP is the first licensed online IOP to treat drug and alcohol addiction and is covered by most major insurance providers. Find out more about the benefits here.: https://www.fairbankscd.org/fairbanks-online-iop/
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