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Elkhart County's system of care - called The SOURCE - is bringing our community together to build endless opportunities for youth mental health in our county. Visit our new website! Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Bonnie Raine
System of Care Coordinator

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Spread the word - "It's OK to Ask"

In November 2018, The SOURCE, Elkhart County's System of Care, launched a mental health awareness campaign called "It's OK to Ask," encouraging us all to ask to the hard questions. Some members of our community came together to make a 1-minute video to inspire children, youth and caregivers to talk about mental health...

Join us by displaying one (or all five) of our "It's OK to Ask" posters in your organization, daycare, church, or classroom! Click here to order your free materials.

When we talk about mental health as a normal part of our daily lives, we give ourselves the opportunity to reach out for help and to give help.

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