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Elkhart County's system of care - called The SOURCE - is bringing our community together to build endless opportunities for youth mental health in our county. Visit our new website! Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Bonnie Raine
System of Care Coordinator

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One of the system of care values is to be outcome-based. There are many reasons to track data and look at the impact of our work. It can show us what’s working and what isn’t, keep us motivated, let stakeholders and donors see the value of their investment, strengthen grant proposals and help us make informed decisions. The strongest reason to track outcomes is because systems of care are family driven and youth guided. The outcomes – the goals – set by youth and families provide the benchmark by which we can measure the impact of our work together.

The SOURCE knows that it is important to share the impact of our work with the community. In 2019, we held a Promise of Partnership event with the purpose of informing partners and the community of the impact of our first three SAMHSA grant years. We created seven evaluation briefs, which you can see in full at https://thesourceelkhartcounty.org/impact/. They are worth a look!
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