Allen County

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Kylie Riecken
System of Care Coordinator (Allen County)
260.458.2112 ext. 319

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Mental & Behavioral Health Provider Directory

LookUp offers a comprehensive mental and behavioral health provider directory for the entire state of Indiana.  You can search for providers nearest you by searching by county, zip code or city.


How to Find Help using the Provider Directory

Ready to search the directory and find help?

  1. Click on FIND HELP

  2. Click on "Search by City or Zip Code"

  3. Type in "Allen County, IN, USA" in white box

  4. Wait for the the system to pop up a matching location of "Allen County, IN, USA".

  5. Click on the system generate pop up "Allen County, IN, USA"

  6. Click the Red FIND HELP box

  7. Scroll through the options that populate below, noting your options to filter results on the right

  8. Click on the name of the provider you want more information about to view the full record of that provider

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