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Are you sad? Maybe it started with the death of someone important to you, or because your parents are divorcing, or for no reason at all? If nothing seems worth the effort, and you don’t care about the things that used to be important to you, you might be living with depression.

Depression isn’t something you can just “get over.” Stress and other factors can cause chemical changes in your brain that effects your mood, your outlook and your overall health. The good news is that help and hope are available—and the first step is reaching out!

What to know

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Take the Next Step

If you or someone you know is living with a mental health issue or an addiction, take the first step toward getting help:


Talk to a friend

Or text Lookup to 494949.


Call 877-257-0208

If you need immediate help.


Find Help

Group of friends

Enter a zip code to find help near you.