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Pathways to Healing Counseling

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    Pathways to Healing Counseling

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    1212 Westfield Rd






    Location 1

  • Email Address:

    Business : info@pathwaystohealingcounseling.com

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  • Phone:

    Business : (317) 316 - 3077

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  • Description of Provider:
    Do you want less anxiety and stress in your life and relationships? Do you feel stuck? Do you want more fulfillment, happiness and peace? We want to help you remove blocks to emotional connection, help you reach your goals and create more loving relationships. We will work together to better understand and resolve challenges in your life. We are committed to supporting your ability to grow in a non-judgmental and supportive atmosphere. While at the same time, we challenge you to look within to stretch and evolve. We see our roles as both coach and facilitator and offer feedback so that the therapeutic relationship becomes a collaboration. If you’re looking for extra support personally, in your relationships or within your family, want to become more of who you are, need guidance during a challenging situation or just ready to move in a new direction, we would love to work with you! Please call 317-316-3077 or e-mail us at info@pathwaystohealingcounseling.com to see if we are a fit for your needs. We can then schedule an individual, couples or family counseling or coaching session. We look forward to connecting with you! Our Vision It is our vision is to provide warm, caring, compassionate and life-changing counseling services and educational programs to individuals, couples and families in order to create learning, healing and growth.

  • Specialities:
    Anxiety and Depressive Disorders , Attachment Disorders , Other , Serious Mental Illness , Trauma

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  • Insurance Type:
    Private Insurance , Private Pay , Sliding Scale

  • Ages Served:
    18 + , 50+ , 6-17

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    Not Specified

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