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    Brain Fitness Neurofeedback

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    14074 Trade Center Drive






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    Business : (317) 294 - 4610

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    Kristi Knight

    14074 Trade Center Drive




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    Kristi Knight is the owner and founder of Brain Fitness, a private Neurofeedback training and Health Coaching practice. She is certified in basic and advanced Neurofeedback training, Brain Fitness Coaching and Health and Wellness coaching. She is currently pursing her final coaching certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where she will graduate in December of 2018. Her educational background includes a degree in Cognitive Studies & Psychology from Ashford University, and a variety of additional training and certifications which include: Mindfulness Training, Sleep Training, Interactive Metronome Provider, Positive Parenting Discipline Educator, Essential Oil Coaching, Trauma Informed Care, and Concussion/TBI Training. Kristi has a passion for helping others. Her dedication to continuing her own education across a variety of interests and modalities has equipped her with a unique knowledge base she uses to help others. She has worked with children, teens, and adults, and specializes in helping connect the missing pieces. Kristi believes her holistic understanding of how we develop, think, feel, learn and relate is what people find intriguing, unique and drawn to work with her. She speaks on important topics related to brain health that include stress, education, nutrition and toxicity. We specialize in EEG Neurofeedback training that utilizes advanced brain training technology. Our program works to provide information to the brain in a non-linear format that it can easily understand. That way, the brain does all the training on its own, using its own natural resources. Some neurofeedback systems work by mapping the brain. These often require a diagnosis of the brain in order to set a training protocol for “pushing or pulling” brain wave frequencies to a “standard” brain. The Neurofeedback service we provide do not require special brain mapping or a diagnosis to begin training. Our training system works by allowing the brain to balance or self-regulate for optimal functioning—no matter what the diagnosis might be. Here, there is not a standard “ADHD brain,” or a standard “Migraine brain,” for example. We believe every brain is unique. Simply put, we help each brain be the best it can be—nothing added.

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    Anxiety and Depressive Disorders , Attachment Disorders , Eating Disorders , Other , Serious Mental Illness , Trauma

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    0-5 , 18 + , 50+ , 6-17

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    Not Specified

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