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Mental illness is not the result of weak faith, not enough prayer or lack of spiritual willpower. It can’t be “prayed away.” Mental illness is a medical condition that can improve with medical care, counseling and loving support.

For those who are sad, grieving, anxious, addicted or struggling with life’s challenges, the faith community can provide support, encouragement and hope. The resources here are intended to assist people living with, or support people whose loved ones are living with, substance use, anxiety, depression or suicidal thoughts.  We can all become better at listening, supporting and praying for those living with mental health concerns.

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Hope and help for substance use disorder.

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When worry becomes all-consuming.

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It’s more than just sadness.

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Get involved and save a life.

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Your church can help start the conversation and silence the stigma

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Resources for churches to promote mental wellness.

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Take the Next Step

If you or someone you know is living with a mental health issue or an addiction, take the first step toward getting help.


Talk to a friend

Or text Lookup to 494949.


Call 877-257-0208

If you need immediate help.


Find Help

Group of friends

Enter a zip code to find help near you.