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As parents, we want the best for our children. These topics are diverse, but deal with mental and behavioral health concerns that your children may experience.

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Dangers of E-Cigarettes and Vaping on Youth

This short video explains what happens when youth use JUULS and other types of e-cigarettes. (1:53 minutes)

Today’s Drugs: Tips for Parents

Part of the Today’s Drugs series, Kevin Hunter, Captain of the Vice & Narcotics Division at the Fort Wayne Police Department shares tips for parents in talking about drugs with their child or loved one. (4:56 minutes)

Teen prescription drug abuse

Parents needs to know the growing problem of teen prescription drug abuse and heroin abuse. This video shares where teens are getting their prescription drugs […] (3:50 minutes)

The Heroin Epidemic

This is a 2015 documentary produced by Bryan’s Hope to raise awareness of the heroin epidemic. This video features people from Waterford, Michigan. If you […] (52:37 minutes)

Anxiety and the Family

Provided by Yale University, this film shares information on pediatric anxiety and offers information on how to assist your child who may be suffering from […] (12:22 minutes)

Dangers of Synthetic Drugs

It is important to educate our children on the dangers of drugs, including synthetic drugs, such as, Spice. This news report shares a story about […] (8:07 minutes)

College Students Speak to Parents

Published by KnowsyMoms, this short video provides answers from college students about what advice they would offer to parents. It’s healthy to understand both sides,and […] (3:04 minutes)

How to Deal with Bullying

Advice from Liz Laugeson, PsyD on how to teach our children how to deal with bullying and teasing. (1:42 minutes)

College Students: A Mental Health Check

Video produced by Rudy Pineda, Director of College Services. Video is to persuade college students to get mental health help when they experience the stress. (3:02 minutes)

Common Hiding Spots for Drugs

Captain Kevin Hunter, Vice and Narcotics Division, Fort Wayne Police Department, walks parents through where to check in their child’s room for hidden drugs. (8:16 Minutes)

Teen Suicide Prevention – Ask. Say Something.

Teens describe common signs that a teen is considering suicide and provide encouragement for communicating directly and immediately for support and safety. It also Includes […] (3:47 Minutes)