Faith and Mental Health

Mental illness is not the result of a weak faith or lack of spiritual willpower. The faith community has an important role in removing the stigma and creating HOPE for mental health.

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Re-Think Mental Illness: The Role Of The Church In Recovery

Matthew Stanford, PH.D. reminds us that those struggling with mental health issues often first turn to their church and clergy for help. (1:38)

Insights on Mental Health and the Church

Aaron Kheriaty, M.D. and Associate Professor of Psychiatry at UC Irvine discusses how as a church we haven't been very helpful and understanding of mental health. (3:30)

Support For Loved Ones Affected By Mental Illness

Amy Simpson grew up in the shadow of mental illness, she shares her passion for seeing the church helping navigate mental health struggles and becoming a resource for the community. (5:23)

When Quoting Scripture Is Not Enough: A Message to the Church

Sheila Walsh, a bestselling Christian author and speaker, shares her story. (5:07)

Troubled Minds: Mental Illness and the Church’s Mission

Amy Simpson shares her story of mental illness in her family. (4:48)

Four Things To Avoid in the Face of a Loved One’s Grief

Patrick Riecke, director, Chaplaincy & Volunteer Services with Parkview Health shares four actions to avoid when helping our friends in times of crisis and grief. (4:12 minutes)