IYI Monthly Column – Nourishing Bodies and Minds in the Holidays

During the holiday season, we may find many settings where both food and conversation are plentiful. Gathering for meals and interactions with family members, especially those with differing opinions, can be wonderful opportunities to teach our kids the value of connectedness.  Read more here for the full column from IYI’s Tami Silverman: https://www.iyi.org/nourishing-bodies-and-minds-kids-benefit-from-family-meals-and-positive-civil-discourse/?_cldee=a3Jpc3Rlbl9zZWliZXJ0QG5vYmwuazEyLmluLnVz&recipientid=contact-753cc5213301e811812ae0071b66aee1-efc6eed38d2242868bbf35b8f222cb5e&esid=a5f656f8-bcfc-e911-a813-000d3a1bb495

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