Gender Nexus services

Medical Letters

Access hormones or surgery with an informed consent letter at no cost. Written by licensed professionals specializing in gender health, these letters have been universally accepted by all providers and insurance companies without issue.

Name and Gender Marker Paperwork 
Need help understanding the forms or how to file? Let one of our care coordinators help!

Short-Term Counseling
Connecting with our peer counselor or a care coordinator over eight to ten sessions can help you work through some specific goals that you want to set for yourself.

Community Resources
We keep our ear to the ground and offer options that might be a good fit for you.

Let us sit down together with your family and your school’s support team to help your school assess their current practices and to create an individualized plan to keep you safe and supported!


These services and more are available through care coordination!
Call or email to schedule an appointment.
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