Ally Actions – Sep 13, 2019

Don’t reinforce gender assumptions about the kind of person typically in a role

Gala Camacho, who heads up analytics at a data insights company, called out Relevant Software for the spectacularly gendered job ad for a vice president of engineering. While the image of the bearded dude with the untucked shirt was bad enough on its own, the CEO went on to defend the ad, claiming it “is so technical” and therefore deserving of a male image to attract the right kind of talent.

Takeaway #1: Don’t include images in job posts that reinforce gender assumptions about the kind of person “typically” in the role.

Takeaway #2: Listen, learn, and apologize when you make a mistake.


Ask event organizers to include accessibility information

Mia Mingus, a writer, educator and community organizer for disability justice and transformative justice, has a simple but powerful suggestion for allies: “If you come across an event that does not have accessibility information mentioned, contact the organizers to include it.”

Now that’s something we can all do

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