Noblesville Schools Calendar Change – November 19

  • 19th will be a teacher work day (no school for students)
  • January 6th will be an eLearning day (to make up the student day missed on Nov. 19thand to avoid the need to make up a teacher work day)

In the interest of minimizing disruption to future plans at the end of the school year or over holiday weekends, Noblesville will make up this student day by having an eLearning day on Monday January 6, 2020. Using an eLearning day on January 6th, rather than a traditional in school day, will allow staff to complete professional development and end of semester tasks already scheduled for that day.

Little Millers Preschool (all sites) and Miller Explorers (winter sites Noble Crossing and Promise Road) will be open November 19th and January 6th. There will be no preschool transportation services on the 19th or the 6th.

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