IYI Kids Count Conference plus Leadership Institute announcement!

This year’s workshops at the IYI Kids Count Conference on December 3 and 4 focus on topics that are important to you, including:


  • “Culturally Agile Trauma Informed Care”
  • “Serve, Replenish, Repeat: Investing in Mental, Emotional and Physical Health”
  • “Time Management for the Success of ALL Students”
  • “Vaping: Get the Facts and Have the Conversation”


Also, a special event is taking place the day before the IYI KIDS COUNT Conference!

We’re excited to invite you to the 2019 Leadership Institute: Leading from a Trauma-Informed Lens!


The institute will provide a framework for leadership with a trauma-informed lens and help you create a workplace environment that will facilitate more person-centered serving for youth, families and the adults who serve them.


Leadership Institute: Leading from a Trauma-Informed Lens

Dec. 2, 2019

The Westin Indianapolis


Learn more and register for the Leadership Institute here: http://www.cvent.com/events/iyi-kids-count-conference/custom-22-200a6a489a674c7fbd32d5d57ea07a61.aspx?_cldee=a3Jpc3Rlbl9zZWliZXJ0QG5vYmwuazEyLmluLnVz&recipientid=contact-753cc5213301e811812ae0071b66aee1-1919ee2fd8fa4afda03fb4a7b7f278fd&esid=bfc06ae2-08e9-e911-a984-000d3a18cb47


Register for the 2019 Kids Count Conference here: http://www.cvent.com/events/iyi-kids-count-conference/event-summary-200a6a489a674c7fbd32d5d57ea07a61.aspx?_cldee=a3Jpc3Rlbl9zZWliZXJ0QG5vYmwuazEyLmluLnVz&recipientid=contact-753cc5213301e811812ae0071b66aee1-1919ee2fd8fa4afda03fb4a7b7f278fd&esid=bfc06ae2-08e9-e911-a984-000d3a18cb47


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