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Untreated mental illness is crippling our businesses. Disability, absenteeism, presenteeism and productivity loss among working-age adults often stem from poor mental health.

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Managing Your Mental Health

Provided by Kati MKorton, LMFT, this video shares information your employer needs to know if you are desiring to take time off for a mental […] (6:31 minutes)

When is Workplace Mediation Needed?

This video talks about when mediation is needed in workplace conflict, and when it is not necessary. (3:48 minutes)

Today’s Drugs: What Employers Should Know About Drug Abuse

Part of the Today’s Drugs series, Kevin Hunter, Captain of the Vice & Narcotics Division at the Fort Wayne Police Department shares what employers should know about addiction and drug abuse. (6:15 minutes)

How to Handle a Workplace Bully

Sometimes the workplace can feel a lot like elementary school. Bullies don’t exist only on the playground. In this video, career coach Chrissy Scivicque offers […] (3:55 minutes)

What Causes Conflict?

Provided by Dr. Michael McCrimmon. Video includes the eight causes of conflict. (9:06 minutes)

Conflict Resolution

Denial is not a river in Egypt. Denial is one of the most common problems when it comes to resolving conflict. This brief video is […] (3:33 minutes)

Communication Skills: Tips

An interview with Bill Moller, a communication specialist in Chicago; provided by Catherine McBreen, Managing Director of Spectrem Group. (6:54 minutes)

Dealing With Difficult People

Provided by, this video discusses the effects of a toxic environment. He offers techniques and strategies on how to handle difficult people. (33:43 minutes)